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“Buff n Fluff TM

A special Realty program for

Home Buyers & Home Sellers

Q: Should I clean before or after I move into my new home?

I am concerned that the movers will track our freshly cleaned carpets
and then they will need to be cleaned again, especially if it rains on moving day.

Clean and disinfect your carpets wall to wall and then move in. The previous owner is an unknown. Were the occupants sick? Did they have pets? You cannot see bacteria or fungus. You cannot see if someone walked on your carpets having Athletes foot etc.

Buff n Fluff TM

For the Home Buyers

SMART Carpet Cleaning will clean, disinfect and protect your carpeting with 3M Scotchgard BEFORE you move into your new home. Then After you have settled in you can call us within 100 days and we will come back and re-clean, disinfect and 3M all open carpeted areas again at NO CHARGE!

Buff n Fluff TM

For the Home Sellers

When listing your home for sale your realtor will tell you how important it
is to keep your home “Staged” in
show condition for potential buyers. If your home does not sell quickly, it is sometimes necessary to have the carpets cleaned again so that it shows well.

SMART Carpet Cleaning will clean, disinfect and protect your carpeting with 3M Scotchgard when you list your home. We will then come back anytime within 100 days and clean a 2nd time at NO CHARGE. If your home sells within 100 days, we will waive the 100-day time limit and come back after you have moved out and before the buyer does their walk-through. We want your carpets to look there best and not give the buyer a reason to not close on the sale your home.

"Customer service was great! So nice to talk to a live person on the phone - she was helpful and courteous. The tech was great - professional and friendly. Thanks so much!"

---- JoAnne, Sunset Hills

Do you know ?

Keeping your carpets clean and spot free is important, not only to the appearance of your building, but also to protect your investment. Having regularly scheduled maintenance can extend the life of your carpet and consistently impress your clients