Helpful Tips

We just finished cleaning your carpets. Now what?

We want you to keep your carpets looking their best, so in between professional cleanings…

Vacuum about once a week – even more often in high traffic areas – to remove loose dirt. This includes your area rugs.

After each cleaning, we treat your carpet with 3M Scotchgard™ Protection. This will help protect it from future stains and spots. But when accidents happen…

Use your complimentary spray bottle of our professional SMART Carpet Cleaning Solvent. Spray on the area to allow the dirt to be lifted to the surface. Continue to follow the directions on the bottle

Experience The SMART Carpet Cleaning Difference – Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Keep your complimentary refillable bottle of SMART Carpet Cleaning Solvent handy to treat accidental stains.

When you need help with a cleaning issue, like pet stains, give us a call. We can help get rid of the spots and the odor.

"Customer service was great! So nice to talk to a live person on the phone - she was helpful and courteous. The tech was great - professional and friendly. Thanks so much!"

---- JoAnne, Sunset Hills

Do you know ?

Keeping your carpets clean and spot free is important, not only to the appearance of your building, but also to protect your investment. Having regularly scheduled maintenance can extend the life of your carpet and consistently impress your clients